Karen Bjorneby: Novel Writing Continuation Workshop

Karen Bjorneby 9.4.14Six Fridays, Jan. 29-June 17 (Jan. 29, Feb. 26, March 25, April 22, May 20, June 17) 7-9:30 p.m. (plus online activity between meetings)   San Francisco     
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Congratulations! You’ve started your novel. You have a sense of your main character and some ideas of the plot, maybe even a full plot outline. You’ve written a few pages, gotten some feedback, and know what your strengths are. Now the challenge is: TO KEEP GOING AND NOT GIVE UP.

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Plotting Your Novel: How to Put it All Together (Berkeley)

elainebeale82509Saturday, Jan. 28th, 10 am-4 pm   Berkeley
$95 members/$110 non-members
(this class is not currently scheduled)
Testimonials for Elaine

Many ingredients go into writing a successful novel, and perhaps the most important is plot. “Yet plot is often the most difficult thing for writers to come to grips with,” says instructor Elaine Beale. “Creating beautiful sentences and convincing characters can feel easy compared to developing an overall structure for our stories.

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Jenny Pritchett: Raw Writing, Intro to Creative Writing, Personal Essays & More

Hi Jane,

I took the personal essay class taught by Jenny Pritchett, and I just HAVE to tell you what a fabulous experience it was. Jenny is, quite simply, a fantastic teacher. Each session was stimulating, challenging, and rich in content. I couldn’t wait to get up on a Saturday morning and head off to class!

Jenny’s perceptiveness, and intelligence are very evident in her teaching, and those qualities of hers work to stretch us as students. By the end end of session 5, every one of us had a solid foundation in the elements of a strong personal essay, and that is thanks to Jenny’s high-quality instruction. She’s very organized, and obviously puts thought and energy into planning cohesive instruction. Plus, she’s funny! We laughed a lot in class, learning all the while.

I was sad when the class ended! A few times, while sitting in that room and looking around the circle, I actually teared up a little with happiness at how right it felt to be there. I’m just so happy to have found the Writing Salon, and yet another great teacher in Jenny. Thank you!

Sue Granzella

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