“…Dianne Jacob knows her business!…”

Dear Jane,

I wanted to drop a brief line about Dianne Jacob’s enormously helpful book proposal course.  I got a tremendous amount out of it, both from the in-class discussions and (perhaps especially) Dianne’s no-nonsense comments on the weekly assignments.

A book proposal is a language all its own.  Dianne walked us through how best to present our ideas to agents and publishers, saving me from months of false starts and wrong turns.  The class was a great blend of general principles and individual attention.  It helped me to  tighten my focus, so that I ended not only with a drafted proposal, but with a clearer direction for the book itself.

I’d recommend this class for anyone thinking about a nonfiction project.

Andrew Beahrs

UPDATE from Writing Salon: Andrew’s forthcoming book, Twain’s Feast, has been accepted for publication by Penguin!

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Julie Bruck: Fearless Poetry, Persistent Poets and More

Hi Jane,

I recently finished Julie Bruck’s workshop, and just wanted to drop you a note to say what I know many others have said before me: that she’s fantastic! She’s able to give meaningful feedback to poets of every aesthetic and all backgrounds (post-MFA to first poetry workshop) and she’s upbeat, focused, kind, and encourages a lot of fun. I’ve taken many workshops, and I work as a creative writing teacher for high school students, and I was impressed every week by Julie’s unflagging energy and committed thoughtfulness. She’s a gem! I know why she has return students who have worked with her for years!
Best wishes,


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Get Your Book Published: The Ins, Outs, Ups and Downs

dianne-jacobheadshot2008Saturday, July 11th, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.    San Francisco
$55 members/ $65 non-members           REGISTER

If you’re writing a book and hope to have it published, you’ll be that much more successful if you understand how the publishing industry works and what editors and agents want. Join instructor Dianne Jacob at this primer that looks at how to get happily published. In today’s rapidly changing world, what exactly does the book industry want?

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Terrel Seltzer: Getting Past the Slush Pile – A Screenwriter’s Checklist

Terrel Seltzer 1 Saturday, September 24, 10am-4pm 
$130 members/$145 others
Testimonials for Terrel

“I swear, if have to read another script that begins with a hero waking up in the morning after a pan of the junk in his room, I’ll gag.” – quote from Hollywood Reader One.

“Uh-oh, is that the opening you just wrote for your script? What are the other ‘red flags’ that cause a Reader to toss a script by page 10? If character introductions are not done artfully, the odds of anything else in the script being great are slim.” – quote from Hollywood Reader Two.

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