Junse Kim: Intro to Fiction

Dear Jane,

It is my pleasure to write you to say that I was extremely impressed with the job Junse did in teaching the Intro to Fiction Writing class. He was excellent! Organized, attentive, focused, and craft-oriented. . . What he taught was a tangible, measurable skill, defining and using language that was specific and understandable–as an example, his focus on the difference between “taste” and looking at utilizing craft.

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“…You guys set the bar high…”


I’m sure you don’t remember me, but five years ago I took a Writing Salon workshop with an instructor there named Laura (can’t recall her last name at the moment but she had longish blond hair). Anyway, my name is Vinny Carrella and The Writing Salon was my FIRST exposure to fiction writing. I wrote my first short story there and subsequently went on to write a prize-winning story called The Serpent Box and the Poison Jar that received enough attention to land me an agent. This led to me writing my first novel (same title).

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