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 I was in your Intro to Screenwriting class with Terrell Seltzer.  I wanted to provide some feedback.  I enjoyed the class very much. Terrell was so good and a wonderful teacher and resource. The six hours flew by. She is supportive, insightful, experienced and very intelligent. I could tell she was a good screenwriter.  I wanted to thank you for providing this opportunity to the community.  I really appreciate your school and what you are doing by bringing these talented people to come and teach.  Thank you for that!

And thanks again for having the Writing Salon. It’s a very special place!

Warm regards,

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Novel Writing: ” . . . Karen Bjorneby is a fantastic teacher. . .”

Hi Karen,

I just wanted to write you a note to thank you again for your class. It was really just what I needed. I hadn’t taken a writing course in a long time, and was feeling really lost, blocked and isolated in my writing. Trying to write a novel on my own the first time around was a bewildering experience, and I found myself hobbled in the end by constantly worrying over why I was doing what I was doing, anyway. Who was I to think I had something to say that anyone would care to hear? Let alone a story to tell…

…Your class helped me reconnect with the craft, and my love for it. I was really saved by your gentle, genuine approach to sharing our work. Throughout my attempts to become a writer, I have occasionally come into contact with a deeper, universal subconscious-type of wisdom that I shy away from in my everyday life. It was just a voice in my head that gave me the will to write, told me to keep going and to stay in touch with what inspired me. I heard that voice again, this time loud and clear through you, and I’m so grateful I had the chance to work with you. –Kerina

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